The Retirement Dream Foundation (RDF) is a NJ-based, national Non-Profit Corporation committed to serving Pre-Retirees and Retirees.  We do NOT accept donations made payable to us.  We enlist the services of like-minded accounting, financial, investment and college specialists around America in an effort to assist as many families as possible.  We host workshops and webinars where we sometimes offer services and products in exchange for small donations to other charities (libraries, schools, charitable foundations, etc.).

Our 2013 focus to benefit families is saving money on paying for college.  There are numerous areas of
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The Retirement Dream Foundation exists to Prevent Pre-Retirees and Retirees from Making Costly Mistakes that Can Minimize Retired-Life Enjoyment.
confusion and misinformation as regards college selection, college quality, saving for college and paying less for college.  Our workshops help parents understand the process in a refreshing and simple way.  Paying less for college now, whether it be by increasing a student's eligibility for Gift Aid (free money) or by decreasing a parent's payments of interest in financing college, pays large dividends in retirement years.  Join our workshops/webinars at locations near you!

It is our intention to endow three or more Scholarships in 2013.  Check back to see how you can apply!
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