The Retirement Dream Foundation, and, offer accountants, college planners and financial professionals the ability to help parents in their local community spend less money on college.  A lot less.  The Trustees of the Retirement Dream Foundation (RDF) and fafsaRx are highly experienced leaders from the college planning, accounting, career-search, investment and lending businesses committed to showing parents the right way to pay less for college. 

RDF came into being because its Trustees have seen repeated instances of poor advisory services borne of inexperience, incompetence, lack of integrity (or all three).  For 2013, the RDF's focus is on college planning which, if done properly and ethically, is a valuable, unique and complex service that can dramatically improve the lives of families.  Student loan debt is currently consuming families that were poorly advised about its future impact.

RDF is of the belief that for the typical family, saving $50,000 now on the cost of college is MUCH more important than which variable annuity (VA) or mutual fund they pick.  Keeping $50,000 now, working until retirement 20 years from now, can turn into an almost $200,000 nest egg that can be accessed tax-free.  And that is without any market risk of losing principal value!  The difference (alpha) in choices between one VA or mutual fund (80%+ of which do not outperform the S&P 500) and another is probably only 2% annually.  Plus, occasionally,  VAs and funds will lose 30%+ of their value in a bear market - what if that drop comes the year before retirement? 

For more details about what you can offer families in your area as a Retirement Dream Foundation volunteer, and what the RDF can offer you, please go to or email us directly.          
Volunteer Advisors Wanted
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