Are providing a college education for your daughter (or son) and living a comfortable retirement mutually exclusive?  No. 

Unless you make some of the Big Mistakes parents make (often at the advice of their financial planner or high school). 

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If Everything You Were Told About Paying Less for College was Wrong, When Would You Want to Know?
We identify the Big Mistakes in our College Workshops but here is a list of some of the inaccurate or incomplete information that passes as college "facts:"

                             1. Families with incomes over $200,000 do not qualify for Financial Aid.
                             2. My College Budget should allow for only four years of college.
                             3. The Stafford (student) Loan program does not make college more expensive.
                             4. The PLUS (parent) loan program does not make college more expensive.
                             5. Private student loans, since today's rates are low, are a great deal.
                             6. I can come off this Private Student Loan as co-signer in just four years.
                             7. I can tell the quality of a college by its Peterson's "Selectivity Ranking."
                             8. Transferring a Trust into a 529 Plan during the Junior Year is a good idea.
                             9. 529 Plans are the Best Way to save money for college.

Funding even ONE college education can easily cost $100,000 at Point A (today) which essentially means there will be $170,000 LESS at Point B (retirement).  Saving even $10,000 now on the cost of college provides for many thousands more at retirement.  The RDF is committed to helping parents make wise college decisions to insure a bright future.  Visit our Articles page to learn even more.