Part of the Retirement Dream Foundation's (RDF) Mission is to educate Pre-retirees and Retirees in managing their assets efficiently and at the least cost (interest, commissions, fees, etc.).  The other part of our mission is to help those people not in, or no longer in, a position to help themselves.

Many of the attendees at our Workshops are not struggling but instead, are looking for a way to "stretch" their college or investment dollars.  If we provide services to these attendees post-workshop, we ask that they make a contribution to a good charity with a good track record.  It is important not to confuse a "good cause" with a "good charitable organization."  Almost every cause has merit but some charities seem to exist to benefit the Officers of the charity rather than getting funds to the cause.  None of the Retirement Dream Foundation's Officers or Community Volunteers is paid in any way.

A local New Jersey charity we like and support, because they keep expenses and their officers' compensation relatively low is Community

Food Bank of New Jersey in Hillside.  Charity Navigator rates this organization 4-stars (highest).  RDF recommends Charity Navigator as a place to make sure your chosen charity is as good a steward of your donation as you expect them to be.  

In southern New Jersey, a 4-star charity we favor is Food Bank of South JerseySpecial Olympics New Jersey is another local 4-star.  If you have a preference for another charitable organization to whom you'd

like to write your check for our services, let us know and we'll do the research on them for you, for free.

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