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© 2013 Retirement Dream Foundation, a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization.  All Rights Reserved.
How do we go from Busy Parent to Leisurely Retiree?  We plan.  We prepare.  We pray.  Less abstractly, Retirement costs money and since less income may be available during retirement, getting from Today to Tomorrow requires wise shepherding of current assets and an ability to ensure consistent growth of those assets.

The Retirement Dream Foundation's 2013 Focus is "Spending Less on College." 

The Retirement Dream Foundation is a New Jersey-based, national 501(C)3 non-profit organization committed to helping families make wise decisions for a brighter financial future.       

Dream as if You'll Live Forever.  Live as if You'll Die Today.  ~ James Dean
If Most of What You Were Told About Accumulating Money for Retirement was Wrong, When Would You Want to Know?
Spending less money today means having more money to spend tomorrow.  In fact, NOT-spending 10% one thought one had to, today, is the same thing as EARNING 10%, in terms of net worth.  For 40 year-old Baby Boomers, "not-spending" (or saving) $25,000 today is likely to provide $60,000 at age 70.