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The Retirement Dream Foundation (RDF) is committed to helping Pre-retirees prepare properly for retirement and helping Retirees enjoy and prolong their retirement.  The cold reality is that retiring takes money and the RDF is equally committed to helping people preserve and protect their money.  One of the obstacles to preserving and protecting money is often, the very industry tasked to do that.  The RDF seeks to cut through the clutter of complex - and often poor - investment advice and to provide simple and effective solutions.

If Most of What You Were Told About Accumulating Money for Retirement was Wrong, When Would You Want to Know?
The most glaring omission from the investment industry's advice concerns college.  Wall Street almost IGNORES the fact that for millions of American families, between $100,000 and $300,000 of the family assets will vanish to educate children.  529 Plans offer some benefits, if they are aggressively funded (and if the markets rise) but they are not the answer.

The answer is DEFENSE.  Parents have been playing, and losing, a game of "catch-up" with colleges for over 25 years.  The stock market has not come close to keeping pace with college inflation so the Best way to have more for Retirement is SPENDING LESS FOR COLLEGE.

Stay with us as we build out this site and point out the flaws, misconceptions and outright lies Wall Street has perpetrated upon us for years.
If You Find a Path With No Obstacles, It Probably Does not Lead Anywhere.  ~ Frank Howard Clark