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HOW DO YOU DEFINE SUCCESS?  There is no right or wrong answer.  For some, a successful retirement includes a nice home.  For others, it's a lot of money to fund future activities and safeguard against future problems.  Still others want to afford the car or the boat.  And most pre-retirees that eventually turn into retirees realize what they'd really like is more time.

More time to do what?  Sometimes it's more time to travel but usually, it's more time to spend with family - children and grandchildren - and to help or have helped, that next generation, or the one after, get a "leg up."

And the best way for children and grandchildren to "get a leg up" is parents and grandparents helping to them become college graduates.  Which is also, ironically, one of the Obstacles to a Happy Retirement.
What if The Problem and The Solution were Different Views of the Same Thing?
You are Never too Old to Set a New Goal or Dream a New Dream.  ~ CS Lewis