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One cannot overcome obstacles, and solve problems, without first identifying and understanding them.  And frankly, one of the biggest obstacles to accumulating money for retirement is misinformation (intentional and unintentional).  RDF seeks to provide unbiased, simple and actionable information by demystifying areas the areas of investing, saving, college and retirement.

Our current primary focus regards College: Saving for it and Paying Less for it.  Our Fall and Winter Workshop Series is intended to help parents and grandparents make wise choices about accumulating money for college and then spending as little as possible of that money on college.  Every $10,000 a 45 year-old Baby Boomer does NOT spend on college is $17,000 available for a retirement that begins at age 70, assuming money earns interest at 4%.

According to the Federal Reserve, Median American middle-class families with children have a net worth of $87,000 - half have more, half have less - and a mean (average) net worth of $555,000.  Let's look at the higher number (mean) for a moment.  If you disagree that people like Buffett and Gates are skewing that number upward, consider this:  Each 30-Billionaire like Buffet has the same net worth as 54-THOUSAND $555,000 net worth families.  So let's assume a more realistic American family average net worth to be about half that, $250,000.

If such a family needlessly pays $100,000 to much to college educate its two children, their net worth's decline by 40% makes the decision about which 529 Plan or which mutual fund or which annuity to buy pale in importance.  The RDF's view is this:

Saving money on college is THE most important activity for Baby Boomers to ensure their future happy retirement.
The Solution is to Stop Doing What You've Been Told to Do.
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