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A Transition is defined as a Passage from One Stage to another.  In practical terms, one cannot become a "Retiree" until one has retired and one cannot retire unless one has a Plan and some Money.  The RDF exists to help illustrate to parents and grandparents that the best ways to accumulate money and then retire are not always the most popular (or most commonly "sold") ways.

Biggest Obstacle Boomer Parents Face Transitioning to Retirement?  The Cost of Educating Their Children.
The transition from busy parent to leisurely retiree is not always a smooth one and the road from Point A (now) to Point B (retirement) is not often smooth.  One of the biggest obstacles, or hurdles, in the road is misinformation.  Salespeople, wittingly or unwittingly, disseminate misinformation because it helps close sales.       

The Retirement Dream Foundation (RDF) exists to dispel misinformation and to help Parents and Grandparents make wise, informed decisions that will improve their futures.
We Travel, some of us Forever, to Seek Other States, Other Lives, Other Souls.  ~ Anais Nin